Restaurant Kitchens See More Women Chefs

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Being a chef has long been a boys’ club, but not as of late. As more and more women are going to culinary school and catering college to pursue a career as a chef, restaurant kitchens are starting to see a growing number of women chefs.

Restaurant Kitchens: More Women Chefs Running the Show

Restaurant kitchens can be aggressive, intense environments, but women chefs aren’t intimidated. A recent article in the UK’s Times Online talks about how female chefs are taking the restaurant world by storm. In fact, female enrollment is up at culinary schools and catering schools. One of the largest catering colleges in the UK, Bournemouth and Poole College, is seeing a 50:50 enrollment of men and women. Last year, the enrollment was 75 percent male.

The article profiles a few notable women chefs who have opened their own restaurants or made impressive accomplishments while working in restaurant kitchens. Clare Smyth, for example, was made head chef of Gordon Ramsay’s three Michelin-starred restaurant in Chelsea when she was just 29 years old. And there’s Anne-Sophie Pic, the recipient of a three-star award for her restaurant in southeastern France. Pic was actually the first French female chef to receive this award in 50 years.

Restaurant Kitchens: Women Chefs Bringing Skills to the Table

So are women chefs bringing more to the table? Chef Thomasina Miers, owner of London restaurant Wahaca, feels that women are more meticulous in the kitchen than men. Miers further explains that women chefs stress the look of a dish being as good as the taste of the food. In the restaurant kitchen, this is a valuable asset that diners surely appreciate.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment For Chefs

No doubt, women chefs — and men chefs — prefer to work with reliable, quality commercial kitchen equipment. has so many excellent products for restaurant owners and chefs. Commercial kitchen equipment — like Vulcan ranges, Frymaster fryers and Manitowoc ice machines, will be able to stand up to the demands of restaurant kitchens. And the commercial kitchen equipment will meet the standards of professional chefs.

Ice as a Food: Commercial Ice Machines in the Home

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Lavender-infused cocktails, Croatian truffles, flatbread, bite-size desserts — and now it seems the latest in trendy food is… ice. Believe it or not, ice is considered a food by many frozen-water connoisseurs. According to a recent article in the New York Times, some people are so into ice as a food that they purchase commercial ice machines for their homes.

Manitowoc ice machineIce: The Latest in Trendy Food

Call them obsessed, call them “ice snobs” — either way, one thing is for sure: ice is the latest trendy food. And one thing pointed out in the New York Times article is that ice can actually improve the quality of a drink. Besides that, ice can complement the kind of drink it’s cooling, whether it’s cube ice in a mixed drink or fragmented ice for soda.

Commercial Ice Machines in the Home

So why buy a commercial ice machine for your own home? Well, there are a few reasons. One is that some believe ice made in home refrigerators winds up tasting like the smells inside the freezer. Another reason is that some complain home refrigerator-made ice does not cool drinks well and melts too fast. Worse, still, is large, crescent-shaped ice some refrigerators produce — it takes up too much room and typically hits you in the face as you sip. Having ice with a great texture and shape is something ice connoisseurs just have to have.

Buying a Commercial Ice Machine

If you’re serious about ice as a food, consider buying a commercial ice machine. ShortOrder carries Manitowoc ice machines, which are well-known for their quality and reliability. Manitowoc ice machines at ShortOrder can produce nugget ice, flake ice, half size cubes and more. Even if you don’t own a restaurant or bar, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your very own commercial ice machine.

Manitowoc Blog Launches

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

ManitowocManitowoc fans will be happy to hear that a Manitowoc blog has launched at Now, when you come to browse our restaurant and commercial kitchen equipment, you’ll be able to read the latest about Manitowoc products, including Manitowoc ice machines. Check out the Manitowoc blog is at

Manitowoc and ShortOrder are Cookin’

Manitowoc and Short Order are cookin’ — take a look at the Manitowoc commercial kitchen equipment ShortOrder offers, and stay informed about the latest products and news at the Manitowoc blog. The recipient of many Editor’s Choice awards from ShortOrder, Manitowoc ice machines and other equipment are the industry standard for a reason. And ShortOrder is proud to carry Manitowoc restaurant equipment.

Manitowoc: A History of Success

Not only does Manitowoc make great commercial kitchen equipment, but they’re also a great company. Based in Wisconsin, Manitowoc started in 1964. The company is all about designing and manufacturing outstanding restaurant equipment. Customers have come to know and trust the Manitowoc name. Manitowoc ice machine

Knowing that customers would appreciate saving money on operating costs, Manitowoc takes care to make restaurant equipment that performs efficiently. Besides that, Manitowoc also keeps in mind while designing and manufacturing the importance of food safety. Every step of the way, Manitowoc is concerned about their customers.

Manitowoc Blog Features New Products, Other News

Manitowoc has a reputation for being one of the best in the restaurant industry, a name that people can trust. So it’s only fitting that ShortOrder has a blog dedicated to Manitowoc, where customers can stay informed about the company. Expect news regarding Manitowoc, including new Manitowoc products soon to be released. And another great way to stay informed about what’s going in the industry is to read ShortOrder’s restaurant equipment blog. ShortOrder is proud to provide helpful information, including the Manitowoc Blog, to restaurant owners and kitchen equipment buyers.

Beverage-Air Refrigerator Buyers Get Cool Info at

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Beverage-Air Refrigerator Resource Launched

Beverage Air Logo Beverage-Air refrigerator buyers will now be able to learn more about their refrigerators – and get some great information – just by stopping by Beverage-Air products now have their own informative blog on the restaurant equipment website that will inform restaurant equipment buyers how to enjoy their Beverage-Air refrigerator and get the most out of it for years and years to come. The Beverage-Air refrigerator blog is at

Beverage-Air and ShortOrder Keep Cool Together

Beverage-Air and have had a long and wonderful relationship and the blog is a sign of ShortOrder’s commitment to this top restaurant refrigerator manufacturer. has been carrying the refrigerator manufacturer’s products for years and considers Beverage-Air to be one of the restaurant equipment buyer’s first choices for efficient, low-maintenance cold food storage.

Beverage-Air Means Quality

Beverage-Air, the largest supplier of commercial refrigeration, was founded in 1944 by Herman Buffington in the small town of Spartanburg, South Carolina. The headquarters still exists in Spartanburg and is where all the state-of-the-art designs created by Beverage-Air are researched and designed.

Beverage-Air is best known for its reach-in merchandiser coolers, freezers, refrigerators and self-contained beer dispensing units. However, Beverage-Air is quickly becoming the leader in pizza and food preparation units, school milk coolers, and deli and floral display units.

Beverage-Air’s vision is “to be the global preferred supplier of quality equipment to the foodservice, beverage and related industries by being pro-active and innovative employees who are measured by our customers’ satisfaction, our company’s reputation and profitability.”

Beverage-Air Refrigerator Blog Just Tip of Iceberg

ShortOrder is very excited to be adding the Beverage-Air refrigerator blog to the information that ShortOrder already provides to restaurant owners and their equipment buyers. From the Buyer’s Guides on everything from steamers to ice machines to the “What’s Cookin’?” newsletter and restaurant equipment blog that keeps you up-to-date on the restaurant industry, has got all your bases covered.

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