New Pizza World Record Attempt by Florida Pizza Shop

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

New Pizza World Record

Big Apple Pizza & Pasta in Fort Pierce, Florida is looking to break the longest pizza line world record. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the current record is held by the Tiziano Shopping Centre Tenant’s Union in Treviso, Italy. They had a line that was 611 feet 2 inches long back in October 28, 2006. Big Apple Pizza & Pasta owner Scott VanDuzer says that he will be able to make a line more than 700 feet long.

I wonder what kind of pizza oven he is using for baking all those pizzas.

Other Pizza World Records

Aside from the World’s Longest Pizza line record, there are a few other world records involving pizza that Montague Pizza Ovenwe feel are worth mentioning. There is the Fastest Time to Eat a 12” Pizza, which is held by Tom Waes from Ghent, Belgium. Tom ate a pizza in 2 minutes and 19.91 seconds on December 2nd, 2006. Then there is the World’s Record for largest pizza order set by Papa John’s on June 8, 2007.

Fifteen San Diego area Papa John’s Pizza stores delivered 13,500 pizzas at exactly 11:00 am to the same destination, General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard. The pizzas were a reward to the crew there for the completion of the Navy’s newest dry cargo/ammunition ship, the USNS Lewis and Clark.

Pizza World Records Require Pizza Ovens

We were thinking that the only way that a restaurant could break a world record is if they had the proper equipment. So, if you are planning on attempting your own pizza record, give one of our representatives a call and we can help you pick out the proper pizza oven. We have a large selection of sizes and brands, including Baker’s Pride, Garland and Montague, so there is sure to be one just right for your shop.

Do you think there is a world record for number of pizza ovens carried by one restaurant equipment company?

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

The history of Ice Cream

There are many different stories that tell the tale of the origins of ice cream. Some say it began in 400 B.C. with the Persians. Others say that ice cream got its start in 62 A.D. with the Roman Emperor Nero who brought snow down from the mountains and mixed it with nuts and honey. The first documented American appearance of ice cream was in 1700 when Governor Bladen of Maryland served it to his guests. The first ice cream parlor opened its doors in New York City in 1776. Dolly Madison is even rumored to have served ice cream as dessert in the White House for her husband’s second inauguration in 1812.

Ice Cream: How It’s Made

Today, ice cream is made several ways, but most Americans still enjoy the flavor of homemade ice cream made in a hand-cranked freezer. These freezers use ice mixed with salt to keep the temperature of the ice cream ingredients cold and under control. Fortunately, you can also buy ice cream makers that have electronic cranks so you don’t wear yourself out making it. Then again, that is a great way to burn off calories before enjoying the ice cream.

Ice Cream for When It’s Hot Outside

If you happen to be lucky enough to run a restaurant that serves ice cream, than you are sure to see some Beverage-Air Spot Freezersmiling faces when it is hot outside and it is dessert time. The best way to store all those wonderful flavors is a spot freezer. They allow restaurant staff and chefs to see and locate ingredients, as well as making it easy to serve. Spot freezers easily go under countertops and behind bars, making them very easy to fit into your kitchen space.

Short Order carries True spot freezers and Beverage-Air spot freezers, as well as the rest of your kitchen equipment needs.

The 2008 NRA Show is Just Around the Corner

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

The 2008 NRA Show is Coming!! The 2008 NRA Show is Coming!!

That’s right! It’s true! It isn’t a typo! The 2008 NRA Restaurant, Hotel-Motel show is being held in Chicago 2007 NRA Showon May 17th through May 20th; and the 89th year is sure not to disappoint. There are going to be so many exciting things to see and do there. There will be several special events and booths, such as “Ask the Design Experts,” Celebrity Book Signings, Chef Day, the “International Wine, Spirits & Beer Event,” and our personal favorite, the “2008 Kitchen Innovation Awards” Booth.

2008 NRA Show Brings Top Vendors

Strolling down the aisles of the 2008 NRA show, you will be sure to see all the newest equipment from all the top restaurant equipment manufacturers. The manufacturers will be pulling out all the stops to make their equipment stand out in hopes of winning a 2008 Kitchen Innovation Award; or at the very least, in hopes that you will stop by and see what they have that you just got to have in your kitchen.

Some of our favorite vendors will be there, so make sure you stop by their booths and check out their new gadgets and gizmos. Frymaster and Hobart have “Hot New Products” that are debuting at the show. Beverage-Air, Manitowoc, The Montague Company and Vulcan will all be there showing off their wares as well.

Come Join the Fun at the 2008 NRA Show

Now its time to start packing your bags, booking your flights and joining all of us at in Chicago for the most fun-filled four days this spring. However, if business is booming and you can’t seem to find the time to leave the restaurant to come join us … Never fear! We promise to keep you updated on all the cool things as they happen.

*photo by the National Restaurant Association

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