Restaurants are Going Green

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Green Restaurants Are Here to Stay

Green restaurants are sprouting up all over the place, as they should be. Restaurant patrons have a growing daily concern for the health of their environment and the health of their families. They are making their homes, apartments, offices, cars and lives more green; why wouldn’t they want their favorite dining spot to do the same thing. Fortunately for commercial kitchens everywhere, restaurant equipment manufacturers are helping out.

Green Restaurant Equipment

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy have united to form the Energy Star Vulcan Steamermovement. Currently, five categories of commercial restaurant equipment have established Energy Star guidelines. They are fryers, hot food holding cabinets, refrigerators/freezers, dishwashers, and steam cookers. These certified units can save over 40% in energy costs compared to non-Energy Star models.

Some examples of Energy Star rated equipment are the Vulcan VPX3 Counter Boilerless/Connectionless Electric Steamer, the Hobart LXi Undercounter High Temp Dishwasher, and the Frymaster H55 High-Efficieny Gas Fryer.

We care about the environment at; so if you have questions about Energy Star rated equipment that we carry, just give us a shout and we will be happy to help.

Green Restaurant Tips

You don’t need to buy all new equipment at one time to become a greener restaurant. There are several other things that you can do to start you down the green path.

  • You can use low-flow pre-rinse spray nozzles at the dish machines.
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps instead of light bulbs in break rooms, storage rooms, offices, walk-in refrigerators, etc.
  • Use take-out containers that can be recycled (#1 and #2 plastics and aluminum) instead of Styrofoam.
  • Use organic foods in the kitchen.
  • Make sure to use recycled paper products whenever possible (i.e. napkins, office paper, menus)
  • Install occupancy sensors in the restrooms, storage rooms and any other low-traffic rooms. Lights will turn off automatically when the rooms are unoccupied.

Here’s to greener restaurants and a greener future!

Restaurants Choose Char Broiled Burgers for a Taste of Summer

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Char Broil Burgers for a Taste of Summer

The temperatures are starting to rise, the sun seems to be shining more, and everyone’s thoughts of food arechar broiler turning to the wonderful taste of a char broil burger. You know, char broil, that smoky, and grilled to perfection with the intricate pattern of grill marks way of cooking that only comes from a steel cooking surface over an open-flame. If you are like me, once that warm weather hits and summer is well on its way, this is the only way you want to enjoy your burger.

Char Broil Burgers for Better Tate

Charbroiling is actually one of the best ways to cook meats, be it chicken, steak or pork, to well-done or somewhere near there. Charbroiling enables the grill master to maintain the speed at which the meat is cooked, as well as the tenderness. Meats cooked on a char broiler also come off the grill perfectly moist and never dried out.

Char Broil Burgers Indoors for Outdoor Flavor

Restaurants are able to bring the outdoors inside by having a Char broil grill in their kitchen. There are several considerations a restaurant should take into consideration before purchasing this restaurant equipment appliance. offers a char broiler buyers guide that includes an explanation and comparison of the three main types of char broilers: char rocks, lava rocks and radiant heat.

Tips for the Perfect Char Broil Burgers

garland char broliersThe following tips will assist your restaurant staff in making the best Charbroiled burgers they can on your char broil grill.

1) Use the appropriate grate for the menu item.

2) Season the grates before the first use by preheating them to open the pores and brushing them with oil.

3) Pre-heat the grates before cooking to help reduce sticking.

4) Dip food in seasoned oil before grilling to reduce sticking and to enhance flavor.

5) Consider positioning grates on an angle for charbroiling. It will drain the grease better and gives you better control of heat distribution. Well done items go toward the top to cook slowly and thoroughly. Rare items go toward the lower position to cook rapidly on the outside and leave the inside rare.

6) Wire brush the grates after each use or batch of food product.

International Pizza Expo Updates: Day Three!

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

The International Pizza Expo Sports More Games Than Just Pizza Spinning

Pizza Expo attendees may be unaware, but the World Pizza Games that wrapped yesterday aren’t the only games at the International Pizza Expo. According to the Pizza Expo website, there are sixteen entertainment/game companies here at the show, including videogame heavyweight Namco.

The heydays of the video game arcade are lonpizza oveng gone, and kids no longer hoard quarters for afternoons playing Defender and Dragon’s Lair. However, many pizza expo attendees would argue that no pizzeria is complete without a few arcade games. That’s certainly what you’d hear if you went by booth 1095 today – the booth of the American Amusement Machine Association.

International Pizza Expo Highlights from Thursday

Today also featured the International Pizza Challenge and Pizza Festiva finals (including the crowning of the 2008 Pizza of the Year) and the $20,000 MEGA BUCKS Giveaway drawing. It’s crazy that the International Pizza Expo – already a great event – can top it all off by giving away $20K to one lucky pizza expo attendee, but that’s exactly how the expo ended this year.

Time to Go Home and Recover from the Pizza Expo

So we’re putting the wraps on the 2008 International Pizza Expo. With joy in our hearts, fresh business cards in our pockets and the glorious aftertaste of primo Italian pie on our lips, we’re headed back home to the quality restaurant equipment that we love. And our families, of course, whom we love too.

Hopefully you saw us at the pizza expo and had a chance to meet us face to face. If not, well, heck, drop us a line to meet one of our restaurant equipment specialists. We’d love to chat with you about your pizzaria needs. We’ve got it all, from Eagle pizza dough racks to five-star Montague pizza ovens to Editor’s Choice Beverage-Air pizza prep tables.

Pizza Convention Updates: Day Two

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Pizza Convention-eers and Folks at Home Should Enjoy This Video

This pizza convention is madness! People love their pizza as much as we love top-notch restaurant equipment like this Bakers Pride pizza oven. It’s a pizza chef’s best friend, as well as a 5-star Editor’s Choice at our website.

And here’s a prime example of the pizza convention madness.

We found video of the World Pizza Games (from the 2007 pizza convention) on YouTube. Watch and digest, preferably with a piping slice in your hands!

Pizza Convention Updates: Day One

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

News Bites from the 2008 International Pizza Expo Convention in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Pizza Central, April 1, 2008 – A pizza convention? Yup, that’s where we’re at, a pizza convention! And not just any pizza convention, but the 2008 International Pizza Expo, the “largest pizza show in the world”! We’re here representing our restaurant equipment, especially our pizza-related products like Vulcan ovens, Beverage-Air pizza prep tables and Hobart mixers. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Here at the Las Vegas Convention Center, it’s all about the ubiquitous Italian pie that’s known worldwide. Today is day one of the pizza convention, a massive collection of pizza talents and pizza products with 450 exhibiting companies (restaurant equipment retailers, restaurant marketing companies, and many national and local restaurants) 1000 exhibits, 60 educational sessions, Italian Chef Wars and the Pizza of the Year throwdown (part of Pizza Festiva). We’re seeing plenty of laughs, lots of friendly chatter and business cards flying from wallet to purse to wallet like a pizza-themed paper snowstorm.

Pizza Convention Games

Another big attraction at the pizza convention are the ever-popular World Pizza Games. When you gather thousands of pizza-making professionals in one giant Las Vegas convention hall, what better than to pit the best against the best to see who can earn bragging rights for his or her restaurant or kitchen?

The pizza convention’s games are being organized by the World Pizza Champions, Pizza Today, Pizza Expo and Tony Gemignani, a six-time World Pizza Acrobat. The convention games are four in number:

  • Freestyle Acrobatic Dough Tossing
  • Fastest Pizza
  • Largest Dough Stretch
  • Team Acrobatics

Each winner of a pizza convention game wins $1000, with lesser awards for second and third place in each category.

Register to Win a Custom Hobart Mixer!

One of our favorite manufacturers, Hobart, is giving away a custom-painted “hot rod” Hobart mixer at their pizza convention booth (#4105). The Hobart mixer will be awarded on Thursday just before the $20000 MEGA BUCKS drawing. (Hobart is also the official sponsor of the World Pizza Games.)

If quality restaurant equipment stirs your blood like it does ours, you don’t want to miss out on your chance at this incredible piece of pizza-making gear. If you’re at the pizza convention, get on down to the Hobart booth!

Visit Short Order, the Home of Brand-Name Restaurant Equipment!

If you’re a restaurant equipment buyer or kitchen manager, come by the Short Order booth, number 8033, and say hi! We’re at the pizza convention, eatin’ it all up!

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