Manitowoc ice machines: energy-efficient restaurant equipment

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Manitowoc ice machines cut your electric bill

Manitowoc ice machines are part of a restaurant equipment revolution. Things are changing as restaurant owners and restaurant equipment manufacturers are realizing that energy-efficient restaurant equipment – like the Manitowoc ice machines in the innovative S-series – aren’t just good for the environment. They’re also good for a food service facility’s bottom line, putting more cash in your pocket. You could say that restaurant equipment is going green in more ways than one.

Manitowoc ice machines: setting the bar

In 2003, Manitowoc took the initiative in energy-efficient restaurant equipment with the S-series of Manitowoc ice machines. These impressive Manitowoc ice machines delivered a 25% average efficiency increase over the competitive models at the time, and continue to run more efficiently than most of the rest of the pack. Manitowoc ice machines bearing the “Energy Mizer” trademark are among the most energy-efficient restaurant equipment appliances you can buy.

Manitowoc ice machine energy rebate

Purchasers interested in energy-efficient restaurant equipment should be aware of the Manitowoc ice machines that earn energy rebates. Buyers in California and Wisconsin can save hundreds of dollars off their purchase of qualifying Manitowoc ice machines by selecting energy-efficient models approved by their states.

For example, Wisconsin buyers can choose the Manitowoc ice machine model SD-1002A/208/1 to garner an energy rebate and also save on their electric bills for many years to come. This Manitowoc ice machine SD-1002A is a Short Order editor’s choice that churns out 1060 pounds of ice every twenty-four hours. For smaller kitchens seeking energy-efficient restaurant equipment, take a look at the all-in-one Manitowoc ice machine model QM-45A. Producing 95 pounds of dice-sized ice in twenty-four hours, the rebate-eligible Manitowoc ice machine QM-45A stands on four adjustable 6″-7.5″ legs, and at three feet tall, fits well into cramped quarters. This Manitowoc ice machine is also a Short Order editor’s choice.

Manitowoc ice machines and the future of energy-efficient restaurant equipment

As the restaurant industry scrambles to meet the needs of restaurant equipment buyers, Manitowoc ice machines continue to evolve. As the Manitowoc EnergyMizer webpage says, “Tier 3 energy efficient models are right around the corner.” Stay tuned – it looks like there’ll be more good news for fans of forward-thinking, practical energy-efficient restaurant equipment coming from Manitowoc ice machines soon.

Hobart mixers

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Hobart mixer

Hobart mixers are kitchen stalwarts

Hobart mixers, slicers, and dishwashers are probably important and well-loved parts of your kitchen. If you’re like most other restaurant equipment owners and users, you trust Hobart mixers for dependable results and reliable service, as well you should. Hobart dates back to 1897, when the Hobart Electric Manufacturing Company was founded to build quality electric appliances like industrial motors that helped coffee mill owners convert from hand-cranking to electric power. Hobart has been the premiere supplier of restaurant equipment and service for the foodservice and food retail industries for over a century.

Nothing beats Hobart mixers for big jobs

Hobart mixers excel at blending large quantities of wet and dry ingredients for chefs and cooks. Take the award-winning Hobart mixer model HL600-1STD. With its gear-driven transmission and heavy-duty 2.7 horsepower motor, this Hobart mixer can process an incredible sixty quarts in its swing-out bowl. The Hobart mixer HL600 is no slouch in ease-of-use features, either – it comes with a power bowl lift for heavy loads, a 50-minute timer, and a safety feature that prevents the Hobart mixer from running when the bowl guard is out of position.

For more modest restaurant equipment needs, the Hobart mixer model HL200-1STD delivers the same blending quality as the Hobart mixer HL600 – but in a bench mixer form factor at a fraction of the price. The Hobart mixer HL200 boasts a 1/2 horsepower motor and the same three-speed control, swing-out stainless steel bowl and bowl guard safety interlock as the Hobart mixer HL600. An aluminum beater and stainless steel wire whip are also supplied with the Editor’s Choice Hobart mixer HL200.

Hobart mixers may last longer than you think

In 2006, Hobart sought out the oldest Hobart mixer still in service. Given the sturdiness of Hobart mixers, everyone expected to discover a veteran Hobart mixer, but few expected to encounter a 93-year-old Hobart mixer (1913) still mixing up a storm every day at Winans Chocolates & Coffees of Piqua, Ohio.

Hobart mixers come from a community leader

It’s also comforting to know that quality Hobart mixers are built by a quality corporate citizen. Hobart supports the United Way and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. With their innovative Hobart Center for Foodservice Sustainability, Hobart is also a leader in the restaurant industry going green. Although Hobart mixers are not a central part of the Hobart sustainability effort at this time, Hobart dish machines and warewashers are leading the way, with a full line of these products having earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR rating.

Hobart mixers are only a piece of the Hobart picture

Hobart mixers and restaurant equipment continue to be market leaders. Hobart recently won its sixth consecutive overall Best in Class award in Foodservice Equipment & Supplies‘ survey. Hobart slicers, Hobart mixers and Hobart dish machines are part of a well-rounded product line that never fails to impress, year after year.

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