Vulcan ranges

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Vulcan ranges make cooking easy

Vulcan ranges are perennial favorites among the restaurant equipment products at Vulcan produces a wide variety of ranges, ovens, steam tables, fryers and griddles, but it’s Vulcan ranges and Vulcan ovens that people think of first, and that’s where Vulcan made its solid reputation for durable, reliable, well-designed restaurant equipment.

Medium-duty and heavy-duty Vulcan ranges are the bulk of Vulcan’s offerings in the range category. The distinction between these Vulcan ranges is capacity – the heavy-duty Vulcan ranges feature more BTUs, more customizability, bigger work surfaces, and integration with other Vulcan products.

The Endurance Vulcan range is a new concept in ranges

A Vulcan range that’s been getting favorable reviews from executive chefs and other restaurant equipment experts lately is the Endurance medium-duty range. The Endurance range is a sophisticated, easy-to-use Vulcan range (gas-burning) with a variety of impressive features that you’d expect to see on a heavy-duty Vulcan range.

For example, the Endurance Vulcan range, like the Vulcan G36L-1-NAT, delivers a remarkable 32,000 BTUs to the stovetop without hotspots – ordinary burners only reach 26,000 BTUs. The Endurance range’s patented high turn down ratio burner system guarantees you focused, controlled heat where and when you need it. The oven, which can reach temperatures of 550 degrees Fahrenheit, comes in both convection and standard oven variations, and the range is remarkably easy to clean. In fact, Vulcan patented the integrated rapid clean system that they designed into the Endurance Vulcan range.

Other high-end features of this handsome Vulcan range include a heavy-duty oven door hinge, a cool-touch oven door handle, lift-off stove burner heads, sturdy easy-lift-off cooking grates, a 6″ wide front top ledge and a front-mounted gas shutoff valve for burner pilots.

A wide range of Vulcan ranges

Other Vulcan ranges include the expansive 60-inch Vulcan range model VG60-59-NAT, a Editor’s Choice, and the economical 36-inch Vulcan range model VG36-66-NAT, another five-star Vulcan range with easy-clean burners.

Manitowoc ice machines: cold ice, hot machines

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Manitowoc ice machines are as reliable as the seasons

Manitowoc ice machine weather has arrived. But it never left. As fall embraces us, bringing with it the chilly prospect of winter, we at are still happy to have Manitowoc ice machines in our diverse selection of restaurant equipment. You see, the weather may be turning cooler, but diners and bar patrons still need ice in their drinks to give them the proper zing. Manitowoc ice machines are all-season restaurant equipment.

Manitowoc ice machines also are recognized for their all-season reliability. In fact, in November 2006, America’s #1 selling ice machine was again chosen as “Overall Best in Class” in the ice machines category by the readers of the restaurant equipment publication Foodservice Equipment & Supplies. This wasn’t the first time, either. Manitowoc ice machines have won this award for six years running. The award, chosen based on the votes of restaurant equipment buyers, dealers, and distributors, recognizes the excellence in quality, service, and support that are synonymous with the phrase “Manitowoc ice machine.”

For example, take the Manitowoc ice machine model SD-0452A. A Short Order editors choice, this stainless-steel-clad Manitowoc ice machine earns points for low operating costs, ease of maintenance, and superb reliability. The Manitowoc ice machine model SD-0452A just sits in your restaurant, bar, or kitchen, punching out 450 pounds of cube-style ice every day, rain or shine, and looking good doing it.

If you’re thinking of an ice machine for your establishment, take a peek at our ice machine buyer’s guide, a straightforward document that will help you narrow down your choices and make an ice machine buying decision that fits your needs. And don’t forget – every Manitowoc ice machine you buy at comes with free onsite setup.

Beverage-Air refrigerators

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Beverage-Air refrigerators are one of our favorite kinds of restaurant equipment here at, and that’s saying a lot since we see a lot of quality restaurant equipment.

Strong, sturdy, and unobtrusive despite their size, Beverage-Air refrigerators are the reliable backbone of a smoothly-functioning kitchen or cafe. Whatever gets put in a Beverage-Air refrigerator gets cold fast and stays that way. No uneven cooling and no puddling of condensation. No mess, no fuss, and no worries.

Did we mention how sleek these Beverage-Air refrigerators can be? Clad in stainless steel, Beverage-Air refrigerators impart a dignified and professional look to any environment. We stock 23 different Beverage-Air refrigerators, including:

If you’re in the market for a Beverage-Air refrigerator – or any other kind of reach-in refrigerator – you may find our Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers Buyers Guide useful. It’s designed specifically to help you narrow down your purchasing choices quickly, saving you time and money. You don’t want to pay for refrigerator features that you don’t need, and you want to buy a fridge that’s sized for your needs so you don’t run up your electric bill.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about selecting the right Beverage-Air refrigerator for your situation. We think you’ll be just as happy as customer Tom Mitchell, who wrote us to say, “I would absolutely buy Beverage-Air again.”

Lakeside carts

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Lakeside carts may not be the first product type that pops into your mind when you think of the perfect kitchen, but for us right now, our attention is fully fixed on exactly that: Lakeside carts.

At, we get excited by quality restaurant equipment – everything from Manitowoc ice makers to Hobart glass washers. But the sad fact is that the more complicated kitchen appliances get all the glory. We’d be the first to admit we tend to focus on the pricier refrigerators and ranges – the cooking tools that perform the tasks you think of first when you think of food preparation.

But we think we all owe Lakeside carts an apology, because a solid, well-built, rustproof, and multi-use stainless steel cart is a thing of beauty and an essential for the professional kitchen.

You don’t want your staff making unnecessary trips across the facility, reducing efficiency and increasing the risk of an accident. Without a good Lakeside cart, how does your staff transport ingredients, dishes, and cooking implements from freezer to char broiler, or from kitchen to outdoor buffet? If your chef is stuck catering an important meal in an inhospitable location, what’s more indispensable than a Lakeside cart for prep, organization, transportation, and presentation? In a pinch, he or she can rely on a Lakeside cart as a station for worry-free chopping, heating, cooling, serving, and display. That’s a lot of work for a piece of restaurant equipment that you don’t even have to plug in.

Lakeside carts like the Lakeside Utility Cart 422 can bear the weight of several people – the 422 can carry 500 pounds – and look good doing it. The toughest of our Lakeside cart selections, the beefy Lakeside Utility Cart 944, can haul an astonishing 1000 pounds, and still not look out of place in a conference or dining room thanks to the careful manufacturing and natural style of brushed stainless steel. Lakeside carts are built to strict standards and feature all-welded stainless steel construction, swivel or fixed casters in a range of sizes, easy-to-clean design, assembly-free manufacturing, and the quality synonymous with the Lakeside cart product. Lakeside carts have been a mainstay in the foodservice and restaurant equipment industry for over 50 years.

We feel like it’s easy to overlook the contributions and usefulness of these gorgeous and durable Lakeside carts, but we’re trying to put an end to that. We’re proud to have Lakeside carts as a part of our utility cart selection, and we think you’d be proud to have a few Lakeside carts in your kitchen.

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